In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of people around the world are self-isolating to help stem the tide. But despite our commitment to stay at home, exercise remains a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, and the desire to be active has never been higher. With leisure centres forced to temporarily shutter, along with team sports, park runs, and more, many people have been left without an outlet for physical activity and are struggling to maintain a regular exercise routine during this time.

In light of this situation, we've released a special edition of our award-winning virtual companion CoachAi.  The CoachAi Home Edition is specifically designed to help people maintain their exercise routines from home by providing motivation, support, and guidance tailored to this unprecedented situation. Our goal is to help the nation stay active and healthy, and to help fitness providers keep their members engaged until they can reopen. Therefore, we’re offering the CoachAi Home Edition to gyms and leisure centres completely free of charge with no strings attached.

What is the CoachAi Home Edition?

CoachAi is a chat-based virtual coach that helps people exercise regularly and live healthier lives. Using artificial intelligence and proven behavioral science, CoachAi acts as a personal companion who gets to know you over time and offers the ongoing support, structure, and accountability you need to achieve your goals.

The CoachAi Home Edition is a special version of CoachAi designed to help people stay active during the Covid-19 crisis. This version of CoachAi offers guidance on how to maintain your fitness routine from home while grappling with dramatic changes to your daily routine, along with hundreds of video-based home workout routines.

How can fitness operators use it?

If you’d like to keep your members engaged from home, you can get your own CoachAi set up in as little as two days. It can be branded for your organization and offered to all your members via an activation link sent out through your usual marketing channels. Besides helping your members maintain their fitness routine, you’ll also get insight into their engagement, behavior, and feedback, to help you keep your finger on the pulse.

To get the CoachAi Home Edition for your club free of charge, send us a message at or leave your details and we’ll get in touch.

Stay safe, healthy, and active,